Wednesday, 24 of January of 2018

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Costs and Fees?

I am sure you are wondering how much Phillips Law Group, P.A. charges for its services? How much does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cost or how do I get charged if I wish to pursue Credit Card Litigation?

The answer is that under Florida Law, an attorney cannot publish his or her fees on their website when it comes to certain practice areas for example bankruptcy. Please feel free to email or call for any questions pertaining to fees and billing. Our law firm is very flexible and understanding of your financial situation. Depending on the legal matter at hand we bill flat fees, by retainer, hourly, or sometimes on contingency (no upfront fees). We also offer payment plans and as part of our ever growing Give Back Pro Bono Program, every month we select a few worthy client cases to represent absolutely FREE of charge.

Suffice as to say:

1) We have NEVER lost a client due to our fees and charges.

2) We understand that you are coming to us for assistance because you are in serious financial hardship and are cash strapped. Why else would a person consider a Consumer Debt Relief Law Firm? Yes, Phillips Law Group, P.A. are professional attorneys that have spent years in college and law school honing their knowledge and skills, but first they are fellow human beings just like you, with families and bills of their own. Thus the firm understands that cost is a very sensitive as well as important matter and so we practice by the standards as set by our Managing Partner Grant Phillips. And they are: 

1) Every client receives and is entitled to a free unrushed and confidential consultation.

2) We will do whatever we can legally and financially to assist you with making your fees and payments as low as possible.

2) We are flexible and look at every client as an individual and exception and not the rule. There is no set fee or one fee for a specific legal category!

3) If you cannot afford our services, we will attempt to view your case in light of our GIVE BACK / PRO BONO program where worthy individuals are represented by our firm FREE OF CHARGE.

We obviously have costs and overhead of our own, but the bottom line is Phillips Law Group, P.A. has not lost a client due to price and our practice is such that we are experienced and streamlined to offer expert legal counsel at the most affordable prices. In fact, our core clients are referrals from previous clients and they include their own family members and friends.

Debt is nasty and stressful and while we are a business and look to try to pay our bills and staff and hopefully make a little income at the end of the day to support our families, we do what we do because we care, because we understand and because we feel strongly that everyone irrespective of race, religion, national origin, sex or color deserves a second chance and an opportunity to rid themselves of the stresses of debt. Perhaps we are a little unique in this sense. We don’t check the clock or count the pennies, you are always viewed and treated as a person not an income stream. We are very good at what we do and we feel entitled and worthy of being paid but not at the expense of losing a client. We are firm believers in “what comes around goes around” and good deeds are always paid forward. So in summary, while we cannot publish fees under the law, we will not allow costs or fees to be the reason you don’t hire us!   

Call the firm at 305.684.DEBT (3328) and let’s talk! We are here to help!